Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Tetiess 2 - for Students of SLTA

Judul : Tetiess 2
          Topical Exercise to Increase Speaking Skill for Students of SLTA
Pengarang : Pardiyono
Kategori : Buku Pelajaran
Halaman/Ukuran : viii+166 hlm, 14x21 cm
ISBN : 978-979-29-1570-9
Penerbit : Penerbit Andi (2011)
Harga : Rp 27.000,- (Belum diskon)

Speaking is one of the most important language skills in the learning of English as a means of international communication. To find the more efficient and effective ways to acquire speaking skill still remains a problem to most of high school students.
This book, entitled tetties, has been designed and structured in a very practical way to be used as one of the most practical learning materials for the students and teachers of high schools to acquire the speaking skill.
All the exercises are proved to be very effective to be used for the classroom’s activities, in order that the speaking skill can be acquired by the students in the more effective and efficient ways.

Pardiyono is a postgraduate (S2), who has learned much about teaching and learning of English as a means of communication. He is a university teacher as well as a writer who has got much experience in the teaching and writing many different books for high school and university students. He manages and develops a non-formal education institution named PRESTASI.

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